10/29/15 We’ve moved!!! And we need YOUR help!

Well ninjas, it’s been an adventure! And in just under a year Shinobi School has gone from a tiny ninja school with a backyard obstacle course, to our new home a 10,000sq ft facility that you helped us get with your hard earned dollars. Here we don’t have to worry about rain, insects, lighting conditions, or mud/dirt taking your grip away! Thank you for believing in us, and choosing us to train with. We just held our first classes in the new facility and it was a huge success! The positive feedback has been pouring in, and it touches our hearts to see your dreams of a real facility being realized. The emotions were definitely high last night.

Shinobi School is INDOORS!
Shinobi School has finally done it. We’re INDOORS now! Check out the new location and see what all the hype is about: 11710 N 51st St, Temple Terrace, FL 33617

You keep hearing me say this over and over again, but this is still just the beginning! To help the new facility with it’s super rushed 30 day build out it was given, we’ve launched a huge crowdfunding campaign with the help of American Parkour to help get the new facility up and running! Our goal is to clean and repair the facility and get new equipment like our 1,200 cube foam pit and the 14ft warped wall up before creating another open house/grand opening event for the new facility at the beginning of January while also helping to create a safer and healthier environment for our students.

And many of our families are pulling together in other ways to help the community and this school:

The McEachern family is creating a local fundraiser with E3 Supply Co in New York to auction off items from their “low volume, detail oriented operation” to help make a dent in the campaign.

Student RJ Howard is donating his time and services by going out of his way to restore our Quintuple Steps that had been previously damaged due to our equipment having to be outdoors. A huge undertaking that involves a  lot of time driving, planning, and man hours on the equipment.

Or other Shinobi School students like Elyza SalazarAmanda McLelland and more, that have been putting in the time and work to clear the place out and clean it up as we work around the clock to get the new facility ready and operational for classes. Please, take a moment and give these guys a thank you and hug, because things are moving as fast as they are because of caring people like this. We really are a tight knit ninja community and family.

But we also can’t do it without YOU! As of right now we’ve just passed the 2,200 mark of our 7k goal. And word is getting around with just over 426 shares. Just think, if every person that shared only donated $10, we would currently have reached $4,260 of our goal! Please help this communities dreams become a reality, and help our students and families have the training home they’ve been working so hard for. No amount is too little, and every dollar counts towards a good cause. Together, anything is possible.

Find out more information on how you can help this school’s dreams become a reality at: