Ultimate Beastmaster

On February 24th, Netflix will be premiering its first reality based competition, Ultimate Beastmaster.
We are so incredibly proud of our head instructor, Shinobi Poli, for having been given the opportunity to be one of 18 athletes to represent the USA. Shinobi helped represent the American Parkour community, and quickly established himself as a fan favorite with his goofy, charming personality on the show.

Ultimate Beastmaster is a test of skill and determination, featuring 18 athletes from 6 different countries. Each athlete showcases their own unique, varied skill sets. Each hour-long episode of the 10-episode series will feature 12 competitors, two from each country, who will take on the obstacle course known as “The Beast.” At the end of each episode, a “Beastmaster” will be crowned and in the final episode of the season, the nine individual winners from each episode will compete against each other for the chance to become the “Ultimate Beastmaster”.

On February 24th Shinobi School will be hosting an Ultimate Beastmaster premiere party for our team USA competitors at Sake 2 Me! This release party will feature your favorite resident ninja  Shinobi, as well as his running partner and professional OCR athlete Shaun Provost. On the show, they formed the likable duo ” Team ShaunNobi”.
This will be the only release event in the nation to feature multiple Beastmaster competitors!
In addition to being able to see the show with your friends and the community, you can meet the competitors, hear their stories, and if you are over 21 there will be a  ninja themed “Shinobi” drink ONLY available at Sake 2 Me. Try this fruity concoction while cheering on its namesake!

This is your opportunity to party like a Beastmaster with our American competitors! See you there!!!

Black Friday Madness at Shinobi School!!!

Come play all day, or take advantage of our crazy one day deals this Black Friday!
Come play all day, or take advantage of our crazy one day deals this Black Friday!

We are officially counting down the seconds to our very first Black Friday event at Shinobi School!

This Friday Shinobi School will be hosting our first ever Black Friday Open House + Open Gym at Shinobi School!
Or… BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS!!!… for short.

If you or your loved ones have ever wanted to try Aerials, see what Parkour is all about, or train on real American Ninja Warrior obstacles and meet competitors from the hit show, then here’s your chance to see how AWESOME Shinobi School is by trying our amazing programs that will sweep you off your feet!

This Black Friday, burn those turkey calories, while feeling good and having fun. Or take advantage of our incredible deals that you can only see in house! The choice is yours! But here’s a little secret, these deals won’t last long, and supplies are limited.

Shinobi School Offers Rewards With Flok

Exciting news ninjas!

Rewards await you! Shinobi School has officially partnered with Flok, a customer loyalty program, that offers our members rewards for coming to the school!

Whether you are registering by mobile phone or tablet, Flok allows members to join the Shinobi School club, keep track of their progress at the school, and get rewards and discounts for coming to classes! This is Shinobi School’s way of saying thanks and giving back to our members for helping build up this school each day!


Shinobi School Partnership With Flok
Flok rewards you for coming to classes at Shinobi School!

For more information regarding Flok and how Shinobi School members can take advantage of it, visit the FAQ page, or talk with one of our volunteers during your next time at Shinobi School! The Flok app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



10/29/15 We’ve moved!!! And we need YOUR help!

Well ninjas, it’s been an adventure! And in just under a year Shinobi School has gone from a tiny ninja school with a backyard obstacle course, to our new home a 10,000sq ft facility that you helped us get with your hard earned dollars. Here we don’t have to worry about rain, insects, lighting conditions, or mud/dirt taking your grip away! Thank you for believing in us, and choosing us to train with. We just held our first classes in the new facility and it was a huge success! The positive feedback has been pouring in, and it touches our hearts to see your dreams of a real facility being realized. The emotions were definitely high last night.

Shinobi School is INDOORS!
Shinobi School has finally done it. We’re INDOORS now! Check out the new location and see what all the hype is about: 11710 N 51st St, Temple Terrace, FL 33617

You keep hearing me say this over and over again, but this is still just the beginning! To help the new facility with it’s super rushed 30 day build out it was given, we’ve launched a huge crowdfunding campaign with the help of American Parkour to help get the new facility up and running! Our goal is to clean and repair the facility and get new equipment like our 1,200 cube foam pit and the 14ft warped wall up before creating another open house/grand opening event for the new facility at the beginning of January while also helping to create a safer and healthier environment for our students.

And many of our families are pulling together in other ways to help the community and this school:

The McEachern family is creating a local fundraiser with E3 Supply Co in New York to auction off items from their “low volume, detail oriented operation” to help make a dent in the campaign.

Student RJ Howard is donating his time and services by going out of his way to restore our Quintuple Steps that had been previously damaged due to our equipment having to be outdoors. A huge undertaking that involves a  lot of time driving, planning, and man hours on the equipment.

Or other Shinobi School students like Elyza SalazarAmanda McLelland and more, that have been putting in the time and work to clear the place out and clean it up as we work around the clock to get the new facility ready and operational for classes. Please, take a moment and give these guys a thank you and hug, because things are moving as fast as they are because of caring people like this. We really are a tight knit ninja community and family.

But we also can’t do it without YOU! As of right now we’ve just passed the 2,200 mark of our 7k goal. And word is getting around with just over 426 shares. Just think, if every person that shared only donated $10, we would currently have reached $4,260 of our goal! Please help this communities dreams become a reality, and help our students and families have the training home they’ve been working so hard for. No amount is too little, and every dollar counts towards a good cause. Together, anything is possible.

Find out more information on how you can help this school’s dreams become a reality at:



Shinobi School represented at Ninja Lounge competition

Shinobi School is proud to be represented at it’s first competition! We’re extremely fortunate and excited to have students that have the courage to compete and represent our school! Today’s competition will take place at The Ninja Lounge Miami “Ultimate Ninja Competition”. 25 of the best teams will go head to head with one purpose, to clear the course and attain ULTIMATE VICTORY!

After intense training, 7 of our students went out to represent at this competition. Comprised of 3 teams of 2, and 1 amazing supportive fan, they will be our first students to represent the school, compete, and sport our new school shirts!

Shinobi School competitors at Ninja Lounge


Let’s take a moment to wish (left to right):
JamesSoratoMouseyAngelRJ, Connor, and Felix the best of luck! Click their names and wish these ninjas the best! We can’t wait to hear their stories and see how they did. But most importantly, we’re so proud of them, and couldn’t pick a better team. Get some!!!

Warm wishes,
Shinobi Poli
Owner/Operator of Shinobi School

Local DJ dedicates Ninja Mix to Shinobi School



Did you know that a good portion of Shinobi School’s students are entertainers and performers? Wallace Fajardo​ is one of those students, a locally well known DJ that goes by “The Walleh“​, and he’s dedicated a new “Ninja Mix” to the school! Check it out at:
The Walleh – Ninja Mix 2.0The Walleh Ninja Mix

A huge thank you to “The Walleh“, for taking the time to make this kickin “Ninja Mix”. Last time a “Ninja Mix” dropped, it stayed at the top of the charts for a good long while. And it’s no wonder, with such high energy motivation, it’s the perfect way to get you pumped during your workout at classes this week! Spread the word Ninjas, share the mix, you heard here first at Shinobi School​!

Your friendly neighborhood Ninja,
Shinobi​ Poli
Owner/Operater of Shinobi School

New exciting equipment is coming to Shinobi School!!!

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be getting a SECOND portable aerial rigging system AND a double point Lyra!  With a second set of rigging equipment we can now host bigger Aerials classes and have multiple students training on different aerial equipment at the same time!

But wait, that’s not all! You asked for it, you’re getting it… Are your ready for POLE FITNESS?! We’re getting not one, but TWO Poles for the school!!!

We’re committed to become your one stop shop for training in movement arts in area, and we’re growing because you! Thank you for support, and for helping us bring this vision to life! Get in, get fit, get training, train like a ninja!

Your friendly neighborhood Ninja,
Shinobi Poli

Be Strong to Be Useful